Gramigna paglia e fieno


Gramigna is a short egg pasta format with a hole and a characteristic curled shape. It takes its name from the double coloring, obtained thanks to the adding of spinach in the dough.

Traditionally garnished with sausage sauce or Bolognese ragù, it’s also great with meat sauce, tomato or cream. A classic of local cuisine is the gramigna with cream, sausage and saffron.

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Pack of 250 gr.

Store in a refrigerator from 0C ° to 4C °. Once the package has been opened, consume the product within 3 days.

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, soft wheat flour type 00 (Italian origin) fresh eggs, water, spinach powder, iodized salt, possible traces of milk and soy.

Cooking time 5 minutes.

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